What size should i set my pagefile to on C:/

Hi I heard that the pagefile uses a lot of space on the ssd and they were right, I reduced it to 800-900mb on my C drive and kept it at system managed on secondary drive. What is the recommended minimum page file size? I have win 7 ultimate x64, 16 gigs ram and my C drive is a 240 GB Kingston HyperX 3k
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    What kinds of programs do you run? I just game on mine, turned the pagefile off, and have had no issues. Otherwise, I'd set the min/max to 1GB and be done.

    Or... you could look into using part of your massive ram stash as a ram drive (have to google that one).
  2. Ok lets backup a little here please, What exactly is the pagefile used for? How is it different from ram (in functionality, I know it is on the hdd)? My secondary drive is a seagate Barracuda 2 TB by the way and that is set to system managed
  3. google it please.

    Do you really want us to cut and paste an article to answer "what exactly is the pagefile used for"

    That being said, the minimum is 0 (disabled).
    If you have plenty of RAM,

    A lot of people try zero and they say they can't detect any difference in performance, and benchmarked and provided data and numbers to show it was true (for them).

    Other people say, zero causing some problems in particular apps which just don't like zero and use a small amount like 100mb to 1gb.
  4. , alright this has my answer, I changed my C: drive from 2-16gb and left my secondary drive as system managed. There was some warning from windows about the system failing if the initial was below 800mb
  5. thanks alot guys
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  7. No sweat! I turned mine off to reduce the number of writes to the SSD, but in real life it probably doesn't affect the life expectancy that much.
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