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I recently bought a used Dell Inspiron 1100 for less than $40 at a garage sale, before I bought it, the owner told me that he thinks that the notebooks' lcd screen is busted, and I purchased it anyway. When I got home I tested it, and surely the lcd monitor was blank, but it had lights on it. I then hooked it up to an external monitor and it works just fine. I just wanted to ask any Dell experts out there if this is a broken lcd screen or just a video driver issue?

Here is a screenshot of the LCD screen turned on:
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  1. Bleh
  2. If you are getting an image on an external monitor then the graphics controller is fine, the LCD needs replaced.
  3. i have a similar issue but the lcd works most of the time and instead i get a black screen with no light. this happens randomly when the graphics drivers load on xp or lubuntu. sometimes it works beautifully and sometimes its a dark black screen. in lubuntu i can get the screen to come back with ctrl + alt + f1 or ctrl + alt + f7. Dont suppose anyone has any answers? sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but a friend would like to use their old laptop and it runs lubuntu quite nicely
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