Blank LCD Screen?

I recently bought a used Dell Inspiron 1100 for less than $40 at a garage sale, before I bought it, the owner told me that he thinks that the notebooks' lcd screen is busted, and I purchased it anyway. When I got home I tested it, and surely the lcd monitor was blank, but it had lights on it. I then hooked it up to an external monitor and it works just fine. I just wanted to ask any LCD experts out there if this is a broken lcd screen or just a video driver issue?

Here is a screenshot of the LCD screen turned on:
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  1. The aux video output working indicates that there is not a problem with your video, drivers or motherboard. As long as the lcd is not cracked.......
    The lcd power inverter has most likely failed(it powers the lcd screen in your case the lcd is probaly fine), they are fairly cheap and any moderate mech. inclined person could change themselves

    ebay has used tested and new inverters available
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