Evaluate the worth of a laptop [Toshiba Satellite A60]

I am being asked to price (for sale) a used laptop (good condition) and I’m finding it very hard to find comparables online to help me gage the correct price tag (range) I should associate.

Toshiba Satellite A60
Intel Celeron 2.70ghz
500 megs ram
Microsoft Windows XP home edition version 2002

I know there are some specifics missing that could better help narrow down the price but this is all the information I have – thus I will only be providing a recommended price range (CDN or USD doesn’t matter).

If anyone had any good suggestions it would be much appreciated. Or better yet are there sites that can help price computer hardware (incase I encounter this issue again in the future).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would give maybe 250 dollars for that, 300 it's a clean XP install. Just my opinion though. Unfortunately (for you selling an old laptop), you can find notebooks for pretty cheap nowadays (600 maybe?)
  2. 250 is a little low, I would ask 300-350 for somthing like that if it has a clean install and if its in good shape
  3. Yeah, it might be a bit low, I'm a bit spoiled in terms of laptop hardware :D
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