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I have a PC with a Gigabyte mother board and an i3 processor with 8gig ram and 2 tb hard drive. When I got the computer, it was running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. Once I checked the computer, and found it was 64 bit compatible, I installed the 64 bit version. I did this as a new install. I have had nothing but problems since. I have an intelli mouse which clicks away when I try to go back or forward on a web page. If I try to check a box, it checks and then automaticaly unchecks. I have to keep clicking on it until the check stays. Some web pages won't even work, ie Bank of America Website. I can go to anything I want to except My Portfolio. It causes IE9 to shut down. When I try to open programs, it opens multiple times. I have formatted and re-installed again, but still have the same problems.
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  1. Did you removed the 32bit version?
    When you said "fresh installed" did you use the format drive option?
    (this would remove everything, and it should get you no problems)

    8GB is definitely 64bit, 32nit wouldn't even see anything above 3GB or Ram.

    Also a list of all your components would help.
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