Installing on 500GB Partition on 2TB HDD

Hi, I have a Hitachi 2TB Hard drive with about 1.2 TB worth of data (it was my data drive for my SSD). I've recently had to temporarily move motherboards (from a Z77 Motherboard to a Dell Foxconn from 2007). However, I can't use my SSD on the Foxconn (G33M) so I made a 500GB partition to use for WIn7 until I get my mobo back. However, I can't install because Windows keeps saying I can't install on a GPT partition. Before I would just change the mboo into EFI/UEFI mode to fix it, but my 2007 board doesn't support it. What do I do?
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  1. No, I do not. I ordered a 2TB drive last week and it should come in soon, but I was hoping to use it as backup.
  2. You cannot install windows on a GPT disk, but you could try this.

    While installing from windows 7 DVD, and you get to the segment that you can create or delete partitions press "shift+F10" this will open a command prompt and you can use disk part to convert to a partition or disk.

    How to use DiskPart:
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