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Hello all:

I have been doing some detective work on a mystery RAM module my sister gave me, but I've really come to a dead end so I thought I'd see if you smarties could help. (I didn't know too much about memory before, but this search has taught me a lot!)

Here's what I know so far:
- It's a 168pin SDRAM module.
- The part sticker says: PC100-322-620. (I figured out what that means at least)
- The part number below it is: MH16S72AAMD-8 I have no clue who manufacturer MH is and I'm not sure what the rest of the part number means.
- There are 9 chips on it (why 9? I don't get it.)
- The chip #s: M5M4V64S30ATP (Mitsubishi 3.3v 4Mx16 is what I got from that.)

There are a few missing pieces as you can see and so my questions are:
1) How much memory is this? My guess is 128 megs.
2) Who is MH?
3) Why 9 chips? Seems like 8 is the normal.

I really appreciate any help or hints. As I mentioned, I searched the internet for hours and can't solve the puzzle.

Thx in advance!
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  1. Google for MH16S72AAMD-8 reveils:
    it is 128MB/100MHZ ECC SDRAM manufactured by Mitsubishi

    1) yes, 128MB / 100MHz SDRAM
    2) Mitsubishi
    3) This is ECC ram, which means error-correcting. the 9th chip is used to store the parity bit
  2. Oh my god I feel like a complete idiot!

    I swear I googled the part number but came back blank! Trying it again after your post did indeed return a few entries.

    Thanks a lot for your help and next time I double-check my googling.
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