need notebook advice....

I'm going to college soon, and I'm in the market for a laptop now. I wish I knew more about notebooks...Anyway, my budget will be nothing over $600.

Heres where I need help. I know that I like gaming, but I don't plan on doing any high end gaming (obviously not with a $550 laptop budget; apparently, integrated graphics still suck :[ ). How do the Pentium Dual cores (I think they're based on old C2D's?) stack up to turions? I would rather get a c2d, but it seems like all of the budget cpu's are Pentiums... T2370 and T2330 pops up a lot.

I'm thinking 2 gb of ram will be good for Vista, but is that a little overboard?

I've looked at Best Buy, Circuit City,, Gateway, HP's site, Compaq, Office Depot... am I missing anything?

Will my best bet be to just wait for a good deal in the Sunday Ads at the above?

Thanks guys!
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  1. bump :/
  2. 2 gigs of RAM would probably be ideal for vista on a 32bit OS, mostly on a budget. I think the stores you listed will be the best places to find a laptop like that.

    Just to note, the "Pentium Dual Cores"...if I remember correctly, they are in fact Core 2 Duo architecture, just with a lot of hacked off cache and things like that. Nobody quote me on this though :p They should probably perform about the same as Turions, methinks.
  3. alright, sounds good, thanks for the info guys.

    I'm just going to keep my eye out for a deal . . . the sunday ads every week seem to be getting closer and closer to what i want ;)
  4. Hahah, yeah. Good luck with that!
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