Some E Machines PC's...(T6412)

Just to let anyone know who may have purchased a Q4/05 release or 'back to school' computer from E Machines-
The 'Recovery CD' is NOT a full 'Restore CD'.
My T6412 had just such a disk.
I attempted to install a new HDD in December and it...
was a real mess.
I contacted E Machines and they informed me that the disc that shipped with the system I bought only had a OS Recovery.
They sent me a new 'Restore CD' free of charge and it arrived FED EX in 2 days.
Great service.
My new Ultra 16 is installed and fully Loaded XP running.
Note: Expect recovery partition and OS format to take and hour or more. Seems Huge.
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  1. Bobby how do you like the t6412 ? I got 1 in aug 05 put in an extra gig of ram and a Ati pci ex 600 pro . The os and driver apps takes about an hr to reload .I tried to get the master recov disc and i was told $20, free under different probs , they tell you burn your own recovery and app cd ,but i was fooled too into thinking i had a master disc too. Did you have to turn your fan speeds up with the new hardware ,the factory fan speeds were at 40% .After installing the extra ram and pci video i had to jump my fan speeds to 80% to keep the comp at around 95 to 98 f .
    Im afraid to put an amprobe on the machine cause the power supply is a bit small at 300 watts and with the extra hardware its gotta be getting close to 300 watts. But other then that its great and my friends love it and say that cost how much $450. Guess my next move will be a power supply upgrade ,windows pro , then the AMD 3800 they seem to be dropping in price and by years end may be about $200 $225 . Eric
  2. Eric,
    I really think the T6412 is a great little box for the money, and had a great upgrade path...which to me was essential when buying the machine at the time.
    I got the Full restore CD from E Machines after informing them that my restore CD was not complete. It did not have all drivers and my modem was not working...the Radeon 200 chipset drivers were not there etc.
    There is a date stamp on the recoverey CD that came with the machine that is stamped 5/05 and I asked them how could they create a disk in May '05 for a Machine that was built in August? I went on to explain that I needed a full disc restore , not using F11 to restore the machine, because I purchased a new Hard Drive. I also informed them that just the year before I bought an E Machines W2247 that was complete with 2 CD's for restoring the machine. They were quick to respond and sent me a disc in 2 days Fed Ex. It was all handled via E Mail tech support.
    The machine is the quietest PC I've had yet and with the additions I've put into it it absolutely screams.
    May get an Audigy 4 soon, but we'll see.
    Note: I suggest you update the Realtek Audio drivers to A377 or later.
    If you have popping in the games you play this driver fixes that annoying problem. The audio is ALC 658 and there is newer updates as well.
  3. Bobby, i will have to look into the audio drivers ,havent noticed any sound probs with games .A friend down the road who has been into computers and gaming since 1985 saw this comp and went out right away and sold his computer to buy the t6412. He threw in an extra gig and a half of ram and a card similar to yours ,hs a real gamer and put a $450 vid card in his. He thought it was a great deal right off the shelf as you and i ,and you can do some mighty fine upgrades. Eric
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