How to control CPU speed on laptop?

I just recently put together a laptop using an MSI MS 1013 barebone. I put in a Sempron 3000+, 512mb of ram and a cheap 40gb hdd. So far the computer has been running like a dream. The current battery life is pretty damn around 3.5 hours...My friend told me to install a program called Notebook Hardware Control so that I could lower the cpu speed when its unplugged and save battery life. I installed the program but it doesnt seem to have any effect on the processor (the processor always runs at the full 1.8ghz speed)

I wanted to ask if anyone knew about another program that I could download in order to lower my cpu's speed whenever I choose so?


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  1. You could also try RMClock from Right Mark:

    Do the Semprons not use AMD Cool and Quiet? You may want to check your BIOS to see if that is an option/enabled because it should do it without you needing to set any clocks.
  2. I believe Semprons are like a celeron not sure if they can use the cool n quiet but they aren't all that hot running. and if you're getting 3.5 hours at 1.8Ghz I wouldn't worry about it at all you may extend it a bit by clocking it down another 20-30 minutes maybe if you're lucky and a sempron clocked down trying to run any programs I truly shudder to think at the performance. at your current battery life I'd say just create a power profile in windows that turns down your screen, turns off your wireless (if you don't use it while on battery) possibly turns off the screen and hard drive after say 5-6 minutes and sleeps the laptop after say 20 minutes. that'll extend your usefullness a lot without sacrificing the processor power
  3. Try using Clockgen, just find the PLL of your laptop and you're good to go.
  4. Thx a lot for the feedback! I downloaded RMClock and its amazing...I also created a power profile as overclockingrocks said and now I get 4.5 hours off the battery with wireless!!!!! :)
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