a general problem on acer 3620

i have an acer aspire 3620 and it is about 1 yr old... my laptop lags after several minutes while using it then it will go back to its normal speed..

I begun to be curious (bad spelling) because of red alert 2 and warcraft. I installed red alert 2 and warcraft in my laptop and it passed the system requirements (of course!) but several minutes after my laptop starts to lag... :fou:

it also happens even if i left it on in my computer table while i am playing my guitar..

i have been experiencing this problem about 4 time a day...

i have also tried to reformat it but my problems are still the same..

i also run a virus scan (nod32) but there is no sign of viruses...since i have only nod32 as my virus protector i installed kaspersky lab..but still there is no sign of virus.. :cry:

thank you for those who are willing to share their knowledge and support!!
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  1. I would check your RAM and your temps.

    Download Prime95 and let it run a while. If you have bad RAM, it will become unstable and fail

    Download either speedfan or RMClock and see what temps your CPU is sitting at when these lag spikes hit. It almost seems like your processor is throttling itself down because the temps are too high.

    I could be wrong on all of this, but it's definitely worth a try and hey, it won't cost you a thing.

    edit: check for spyware with Spybot: search and destroy
  2. Hi My name is Yael

    if the HD is reading a lot, u need more ram, i have the same model, and i have 2gb 600 and something Mhz and is running great, without the swap file. i gave away the 256mb old ram. Ask some friend to lend u some ram to test if is the ram problem.
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