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I'm looking for a device that can do this criterias:

1. Recieve data from RFID card (by it's integrated RFID card reader - Mifare)
2. Send the recieved data through GPRS to a central URL/IP/Domain via TCP/IP
3. Get the response from the server when making the request and sending the information
4. Handle the response and by that, display som informational message on the device's display.

I'm a software developer but know nothing about hardware and therefore I ask this question. The device should manage time attendance and therefore it's no difference if it's hand-held or fixed (mounted in wall). Thanks in advance
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  1. hello,
    there r devices available in the market which incude gprs module alongwith rfid device. u just have to insert GPRS activated sim card and get the data on your url/ip .the string sent by the device includes time stamp also. for more details contact on this id

    *email address deleted by TGGA* Look it up on a search engine.
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