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I don't have Wi Fi , but i do have a pc connection via phone line, n can i connect my ipod through my pc n download free application or most important how can i jailbreak my ipod using my pc...
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  1. I do not have one of these right now but will soon. However, I keep reading the reviews from other owners and I'm sick of hearing them complain about the IPOD TOUCH because it does not have a phone or camera built in to it. IT'S AN MP3 player. If you want a phone buy the IPhone and stop complaining that it doesn't have these features. Stop making the cons into something it's not. IT'S NOT A PHONE AND WASN'T INTENDED TO BE A PHONE. Stop complaining and just enjoy your MP3 PLAYER. Be happy that you can even afford one due to this economy.
  2. Yes, you can download free apps though the iTunes App store. There are plenty of free apps available. If you feel the need to jailbreak your iPod, a quick google search should yield plenty of results.
  3. I love New Apple iPod nano with Camera 16GB (5th Generation) - Black
    as it has all the function that we want in ipod like

    16GB flash drive holds up to 4,000 songs or 16 hours video
    Built-in video camera and large 2.2-inch colour display
    All-new FM radio with innovative Live Pause feature
    Brilliant polished anodised aluminium finish
    Genius Mixes automatically creates mixes you'll love from your iTunes library
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