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Hi guys. I am having a problem with my vaio laptop. For some reason (like 30 minutes after I turn it on or start using it) it will begin using the enter key function by itself. I have no idea why it does this. So far I have tried restarting/turning it off and on, system restoring to an earlier time, and blowing the dust off the keyboard. None of these ideas are working. Since its a laptop, and I havent messed with critical software, there is no reason to uninstall then reinstall the keyboard drivers right? I think it could possibly be heat since the problem often occurs during my MMORPG. But I would think a mobile 7600gt and a core 2 duo T7200 should be able to handle the game pretty well since I am not cranking the settings all the way up. Come to think of it, I think the problem generally starts after having played for 20 minutes or so of the game. All help is appreciated guys/girls. =D
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  1. I would disable the keyboard and try a usb one. if it does not happen then its a keyboard problem(just trying to rule out nasty software.). I am not sure what kind of warranty Sony offers, but it never hurts to contact them.

    Also make sure you did not turn on sticky keys(if you hit shift 5 times it can be activated and allow a key held down to stay that way). and if you use Xfire sometimes it will get a key jammed in game only(this happens if you enter xfire in game while pushing another key, this has pissed me off many times, jsut alt tab out and in if this ever effects you)....
  2. cool thx for advice. I have also tried the sticky keys but i will try the others. It seems like it is a problem caused by the game...maybe I have a bad game file which is strange since ive had the file for over 5 months now with no problems til 3 days ago. But, I just opned the game file, and that is xactly when the problem started. When i closed the game the problem stopped. Weird
  3. well plug in a usb keyboard(borrow one from a friend :)) and disable the onboard in in device manager. Then play the game to be sure.

    As you said the game does increase heat production. If it does not happen you have have to contact Sony, or look on the net for a spare keyboard and change it.

    What game is it anyway?
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