dell D600 hdd upgarde

i have a D600 with a 1.6M :) and 1 gig of ram :) and a 40 gig hard drive :fou: dual booted with ubuntu and xp pro. i use it to do some programing work and what not with it for school (itt-tech) and when i am away from my desktop. so it works fine but having 40 gig (realy like 37gigs) it gets filled really quick with some photos and video.

i was looking to upgrade the drive to a 160 or so and have heard about other dells/systems not being able to be upgraded past a certain point. is there a limit to how big of a drive i can get for it

dont take my word for it but i think the D600 uses the 855PM Intel chip set and i couldn't find any thing about a limit. but when i called dell and asked the guy said he could get me a 80 gig for 100+. witch is way to much considering you can buy a 160 2.5 on ebay for 60$ new
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  1. SATA or PATA? If you can use SATA, I would go with this:

    Far as Ebay goes, I don't trust it for computer parts. Never have and never will.
  2. its pata
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