Task scheduler acting weird

"the selected task (0) no longer exists" and also "task scheduler service is not available, try to reconnect". what should i do?
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  1. The easy way would be to do a repair-install of the OS. Lengthy, but restores the services and registry keys that get corrupted over time. You only lose the OS updates, but keep the programs you put on it.
    The more complex way would be to check the services that are running, under Admin tools, and make sure the ones that need to run, and their dependencies, are started. Also, you might need to re-register some dll files. I personally do not use task scheduler, but I have run into similar problems before, and after trying the complicated way ( still to no avail, after a lot of research online), I just did a repair-install of the OS. Problem solved (at least for me).
  2. ok, thanks, but how do you do a repair install
  3. To do that you need to boot from the OS DVD and go through the boot menu, pick a repair of an existing installation, and take it from there. There are online guides that explain that in detail, I have not done it a long while, but it's not hard at all.
  4. is it risky, i mean, could you loose you music, software, games, files etc
  5. Always make a backup of your files, even though in a repair you shouldn't lose any of the programs or other files you have on the HDD. Basically, what it does is replace the OS files with the original ones. That's why you lose the updates to the OS.
    Before doing that, I suggest you research "slipstreaming". It allows you to create an OS DVD with all the updates included (up to the point when you create the disc, of course). Once you have that, it's like having a latest release of the OS on a disc that you can use to perform the repair from.
  6. before i try it, is there nay other options?
  7. abuh11 said:
    before i try it, is there nay other options?

    This could be related to your other post where you mention Deleting the Bonjour service (Did it start after deleting Bonjour ??)-- you might try reinstalling it (CS3) and it might clear things up -- never a good idea to manually delete a service without uninstalling it properly as it can do this type of thing when the program that relies on the service tries to run it !

    Also I posted a method for fixing the network problem by changing the BONJOUR service to a delayed start in your other thread.
  8. ok thanks, just to note, i haven't as of yet, deleted bonjour, so this can't be the problem, i will read you are post on my thread to see if it can fix my other problem, let's hope it can, you see, my windows 7 has ran into a few problems that i don't know how to fix.
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