Hi guys.
Basically, I have a Sony Ericsson W880i. I'm on 3, sim only deal and I went on my games this morning, and I saw that there were new ones which I didn't have before. I presumed they'd come with the 3 sim which I've had for a few months now, I'd just never looked at the games before.
Anyway, there was one game which was called execute. I dont know if it was a game or not, but I clicked on games, then came 3 or 4 things, and execute was one of them. I clicked on execute, the Java game logo screen came on and then the whole phone went off. I pressed the on/off button to switch it back on, but nothing happened. The screen just stayed black and no lights on the keypad came on or anything. Usually, if the battery is dead, when I press the on/off button, that flashes red to let me know the battery is dead. But I put it on charge anyway, but nothing happened. The charging screen didn't come on, nothing flashed on the keypad. Completely nothing happened. It's like my phone has no battery in or sim card, or anything. I've also tried to take the battery out and then put it back in a few times, but nothing seems to happen. I had a full battery before it happened too, so I doubt it's that. And although I've had my phone for a year or so, I've had no problems with it at all, so it seems surprising for things to happen at the moment.
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  1. Hi, i ave got a sony ericsson w850i which has done exactly the same thing as yours except my phone was locked to Vodaphone, anyway i got it unlocked yesterday so that i could use it with my tesco sim card , the phone was fine all day until last night went to play games and found new game in java called execute , pressed it, went to java screen , when the whole screen went blank .. tried to press buttons but the phone had switch it self off .. will not come back on , have changed battery & everthing
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