How to delete bonjour file and fix the network problems?

how to delete bonjour file and fix the network problems?

whenever i turn on my pc, i have to wait 1 minute then i have to pull out the Ethernet cable and then put it back in again for the internet to work, i think this is due to bonjour, if it is can someone please help, if it is not, can someone please tell me what they think it is. also, i think i got it from Photoshop cs3, and bonjour is not in the form of a program but a folder. many thanks.
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  1. Yes, either with an Adobe product like Photoshop or with iTunes. Just go into the programs control panel, right click on Bonjour and select uninstall. Very quick and simple.
  2. Bonjour is two different programs that comes from either apple software or Coral software. It does not come from Photoshop cs3. It is relatively harmless but may spy on you. I don't think that this is the cause of your network problems. You may have a type of virus, so run your anti-virus program.
  3. I've run into issues with the Bonjour DNS Responder Service being a problem creating an identified network and blocking connections on many occasions, which were cured by just deleting it and no untoward consequences resulted other than the network working correctly. While I do not know why it usually is not an issue, but sometime is, it does sometimes present as an unidentified network that interferes with an adapter connection.
  4. thanks, but on my pc, bonjour is not a program rather just a file in the c drive
  5. how can i delete it, the normal way doesn't work, is there any other way, and will there be any effects by deleted it, for example on Photoshop.
  6. i have heard people saying that it comes from Photoshop, any way i did a virus check, but did spot anything, any other ideas about what it could be or how to fix my network issues. thanks
  7. ok thanks, but i used a tool called turnoff bonjour, and bonjour got deleted, but it still did not work.
  8. You do not need to delete it --- instead go into services.msc (type services into the start bar and click on Services.msc under programs) -- when the box comes up go to the first one in the list (##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##) THis is the Bonjour service (Apple likes to use the cryptic name instead of Bonjour so you do not mess with it and the ## makes it appear at the top of the services list) -- now right click on it and select Properties --- in the pop up box go to the General Tab (if not on it already) and in the center under the drop down box change it to Automatic (Delayed Start) and press APPLY - then OK

    This will set the service to start a few minutes after the system boots (after the network connection is made) and should fix the problem. (the service is only a problem if it tries to load before the network connection is established and I'm not sure but deleting it may cause I-tunes and PS to have issues)
  9. ok thanks, i will try this, if it works, then many thanks, if it doesn't than still thanks, however we will have to think of another way.
  10. abuh11 said:
    ok thanks, i will try this, if it works, then many thanks, if it doesn't than still thanks, however we will have to think of another way.

    I had the same problem after installing PS and this has worked fine since changing it so it should correct the problem. For the other thread problem try going into Task manager and see if you can find the task that is scheduled and not running properly and then delete the task from the schedule (chances are some program had an auto update task scheduled or something similar and for some reason the task did not get removed when the program was uninstalled or something )
  11. ok i will try disabling it when it starts up, the other scheduler thing, i see a lot of task running, i don't know which ones are important and which ones are not. what should i do?.
  12. ok i tried disabling on start up, however the internet still took ages to load, and when it did, i still had to remove the Ethernet cable and re-plug it back in to get online.
  13. My husbands laptop that runs win 7 has the same problem. but I can not find ANYTHING to do with Bonjour on it. I have dug around in just about every folder on his c:\ drive. Did a search for it and came up empty but it still has the unidentified network no matter if I connect it to our network via a lan line directly to the router or try to connect to it wirelessly. It had been connecting for a while but his connection was really really slow. Now I can not get it to connect at all. HELP!!!! We need to get our taxes done! haha
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