Does anyone repair CRTs?

I have 21" DELL, it's 15 months old so guarantee is over.
When you switch it on, picture kind of jumps to the front and then backwards, then to the front and stays on normally for a few seconds, then it starts dancing again. Monitor clicking is audible.
Any ideas how/if this could be repaired?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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  1. This needs professional assistance. If you hear clicking and the picture jumps it would mean that an electronical part is defect and needs replacement. Could be as simple as a defective capacitor. But the time some pro spends on finding and repairing the problem will cost you big time.

    Just one stupid suggestion: Try degaussing...
  2. Okay, thanks for suggestion.
    I do not know if anybody repairs them these days.
    I went to the local Pc repair store and this guy told me to go away
    I mean sure there are repair shops that could do that but this thing is pretty damn big so I can't just post it, eh...
  3. Ok. You got two problems.

    1. A big monitor won't be shipped unless you pay an extra fee.

    2. You need specific knowledge of this certain type of monitor. You need blueprints and a brand and model specific troubleshoot manual. Furthermore you need lots of experience in soldering, checking and understanding cirquits. I bet even if you are very skilled you couldn't repair a CRT unless you know it very well and posess all of the above mentioned skills and utils...

    You did try the degauss? And you removed all elecrto-magnetic sources next to the monitor?
  4. Many thanks for eye opening tips.
    I guess it belongs to a skip now.
    I guess it was the last thing I
    (or my family
    or my friends
    or anyone from my town
    and county

    bought from Dell...
  5. Well, the only tip I actually saw was to degauss it, which isn't helpful since the problem you described occurs after you turn it on (and monitors automatically degauss themselves during the power-on sequence, manual degaussing is only needed when the monitor has been on awhile and/or shifted during operation).
    Since no one asked, what is your resolution (in pixels and frequency?) that you are trying to run the monitor at? It very well could be a bad monitor, but what you are seeing is the monitor trying to sync to the input frequency. If it is bad, it can't "lock" onto it. But you may be trying to run outside the ratings for the monitor (which aren't very high on most Dell monitors). If you are trying to run 1920x1080 at 100hz for instance, it's not going to work well in almost all cases. Try changing to a different frequency first, (60hz is the "safe" one in pretty much all cases), if that doesn't help, try changing the resolution. Most 21" monitors should support 1600x1200 @85hz or so, but any combination over those numbers on many Dell monitors might be suspect. Good luck tracking it down, and if it won't sync at a lower resolution (1280x1024 @60hz for instance), then time for plan B.
  6. A friend who has experience repairing TVs told me that to repair monitors you need to have pretty much identical models lying around to use for spare parts. And yea, the time spent diagnosing the problem plus part cost means you are better off just buying a new one.

    CRTs are extremely dangerous to work on. There are some high voltages stored in there that WILL kill you, so don't go playing around trying to find it yourself.

    BTW, I don't think you necessarily got burned by Dell. But you might want to invest in longer warranties next time. My 2 cents...
  7. It may be the flyback transformer, they can cause all sorts of issues when they go haywire. Find a local tv repair shop, if they can fix modern tv's and get parts for them, they can fix this. I've replaced flybacks on two monitors in my life, both Sceptre 19" and over 3 years old when I fixed them, and it was a PAIN, defintaly recommend a profession repair place to do it.
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