Major computer problems - HELP!

This isn't for me, but for a friend. So please excuse the punctuation and such!

"computer locks up, freezes, and sometimes blue screens, it does none of this in safe mode, i've done two full system scans with malwarebytes, one full system scan with avast, fopund a total of 6 issues between the two, fixed all of them. that fixed nothing, resource monitor shows 1-2% cpu usage, there's no issues there it could be a driver issue of some sort but i wouldn't even know where to fix that, especially in safe mode (which is the only thing that works without constant freezes/lock ups)" - Friend

Apparently he right clicked on his desktop and went to personalize and then he got a blue screen. He has windows 7 64 bit. He has his windows 7 disk so he has the option of reinstalling. He has tried to restore but his computer freezes before he can do anything really unless it's in safe mode. Literally everything he does on his computer freezes it. He doesn't really go to any bad sites, but I do know he has downloaded things from websites that could have been packed full of viruses. But he doesn't think so. Anyway, PLEASE HELP! He really needs help and can't afford to take it to anyone right now.
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  1. Given the third hand reporting and the actual users lack of experience, I would go into safe mode and back up any data, docs, pics, music, etc. and then do a clean install. If it runs in safe but not in normal it is safe to say there is some driver, hardware conflict. What type of issues did you fix with the scans. Knowing that might give a clue as to what is going on. All in all not enough info. here but a clean install cures everything but the time and knowledge needed to do it.
  2. He probably tried to install some customization software. While these look pretty they can royally screw with Explorer and cause the UI to seize up. Your best bet is to nuke the hard drive and reinstall Windows
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