Laptop problem, not sending out enough information?

Alright, well at first I thought this may have been my ISP, so I switched from AOL to Be* and this did not fix the problem.

I then figured it may have been my line so I went to a friends, yet the problem stayed the same.

The problem -

Well, when playing Counter-Strike : Source and other games, information is taken in perfectly fine, however the information sent back out is EXTREMELY low (As the print screen will prove in a second) around half of the information is lost actually. However, no chokes are shown.

Below is the net_graph of what the stats actually look like -

As you can see, the output information, being the second line, is far too low. My friend's in/out are exactly equal on the far right values. Yet mine randoms from 20-50/s.

After noticing this, I have tried multiple things, updating drivers, reformatting, reinstalling CSS.

Nothing has worked at all.

Now i'll give you the names of my ethernet adapter and network card -

Ethernet adapter - Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

Network card - Atheros AR5005G Wireless Network Adapter

Extra - 1394 Net Adapter.


I have no idea how to fix this problem, and the fact that with this exact same laptop I was playing games perfectly fine, then one day (I can't remember what changed, maybe an update or a change somewhere in Control Panel) games seemed to drop information, so I enabled net_graph to check the information and it was true.

I'm not sure what else i'd need to tell you all but any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. A lot of times any updates to any onboard NICs in a laptop mess it up. I try to avoid any network updates unless I have a problem. Same with any wireless adapters. Unless you have a problem, dont update the driver if it is currently working.
  2. Are you playing over wired or wireless network? If over wireless, have you tried while plugged directly into the wireless router (most of them have 4 ethernet plugs on the back)?
  3. This... doesn't answer the question.
  4. Yes i've tried wireless and wired.
  5. Have you tried one someone else's network and/or by plugging the modem directly in the laptop (rule-out a router problem)?
  6. I'm sorry but what is the problem? Low FPS??
  7. Do you not read what i've wrote?

    I said I had connected to a friend's network that he had been getting perfect 100/100 on, yet I still had the same problem.

    No, the problem isn't low FPS, read what I said.
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