Setup problem.

Hey guys i have a big problem with installing games on my coputer.
When i start installing any game from 'setup' i get this message. 'An error occurred while trying to copy a file, the source file is corrupted'
please help me, i tried everything windows installer, registry fix, but nothing
OS - Windows 7 ultimate (x64) SP1
RAM- DDR3 1333mhz x2
Video card - Radeon HD 3800
processor Intel core duo E6550
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  1. Did you download the game from a torrent or mirror or magnet?
  2. Well, the first game which is Darksiders II is torrent, the second game is also torrent the amazing spider man, like i said is not only games i can't install anything when i start installation always get some 'corrupt' file .. :(
  3. Assuming the games are pirated, I can't help you any further - but I'm guessing you're infected with malware or some trojan that messed everything up - do a clean install of windows after deleting the partition
  4. i'll try thank you.
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