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My friend is getting a new laptop from ASUS or Sony, with a T9300 2.5ghz and 3or 4 gigs ram but hes not sure about the video card. Should he go with just the 8800gs/gt or the 8800gts/gtx. Would the 9650 be faster than the 8800 and cost less?
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  1. It depends, there is currenly no ASUS/SONY lapotp which supports 8800M GPUs

    Sager,HP,DELL,ALIENWARE,GATEWAY....... have some laptops which support 8800M lapotps
    also there is no 8800GS or 8800GT for lapotps, We currently have
    8800M GTX and 8800M GTS for lapotps

    8800M GTX > 8800M GTS > 9650M GS > 9500M GS
  2. Well my friend has decided on a HP one with the 8600mgs since the 8800mgts has a 20" screen and is too heavy and a bit too expensive.
  3. You mean the mighty HDX? it has 8800M GTS on it and its a solid laptop and unfortunately your friend Can'T upgrade to a 8800M GTS from
    8600M GS
  4. Still a very good laptop.

    Competition in upgrading Notebook/Laptops is hard when you get a DEDICATED Graphics Board. Lets just say you're stuck with it for a very long time.
    But it still will allow Vista Aero and many games play very well considering other Laptops on the market.

    Don't get discouraged because even with a High Performance PC today...
    will be somewhat better ones around the corner and still they askin for alot of bucks.

    Be Happy about your decision cause you still have a very useful PC compared to those that bought on Impluse and didn't do any homework.
  5. If you really want to know about graphics cards, here is a link on it.

    Just choose the one that you will probably need for the longest time and the actual need for it. I mean I'm pretty fine with integrated since my laptop is paperweight, but with the 8600 you should be fine for most of the current games out right now.
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