Computer froze during windows 7 reinstallation.

After my computer froze during the reinstallation I get a message telling me to restart my computer to allow the installation to finish, however it never does. Any help is appreciated
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  1. Did you re-install to a formatted drive/partition?
  2. no. Is that what I was supposed to do?
  3. Yep, a 'Clean Install' is always recommended, saves the type of hassles you're experiencing... if you have huge amounts of data to back up and no external storage, it's possible to create a new partition to re-install Windows. Then remove the old Windows when you're done.
  4. So is there anything I can do at this point?
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    Depends on whether you have data to recover.
    You should still be able to use the installation disk to get to the 'Where do you want to install Windows' screen. There you can format drives/partitions etc. though personally I prefer to use a bootable version of EaseUs Partition Master. If you have no data to recover, simply format the drive where you want to install Windows under 'Drive Options (Advanced)
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  7. I used your second option and it's installing now. Thank you for all of your help :D
  8. You're welcome!
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