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I want to have a boot partition, system partition and have a separate storage partition for all of my files. I am a bit confused about the boot partition/system partition relationship and still haven't found any clear or concise info to tell me how I would go about creating this. I have already partitioned the HDD into three sections and have already installed Win7. The active partition is also the boot AND system partition. How do I fix this? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Windows will create the system partition on it's own when you do a clean install of the OS.

    Even though the link has the word vista in it, this also applies to XP and 7.
  2. i appreciate the link. that IS very clear and concise...maybe i wasn't. I did follow the directions in the link, and performed a clean install--but it doesn't appear to have separated the system or boot partitions at all. My system and boot partition are combined...Any advice? Thanks for the help and insight.
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    If you only have one drive, I beleive windows put them all in one location despite the number of partitions on the drive. If you have more than one drive and no previous OS, then it puts them on seperate drives/partitions. I can't find any detailed info on MSDN/technet to confirm this though.
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