Upgrading CPU - are all AMD 754 socket chips the same?

Need some laptop help.

I have a socket 754 Dublin core that is based on 130 nm tech.

It's recognized as a 2800 xp-m chip and runs at 1600 Ghz / 800Ghz when cool n quiet...

Can I drop in a desktop chip like the amd 64 3200 754?

What will work or not work? Got an old lappy that needs some love

Its an Averatec 5400 XP-M -
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  1. you might be able to do this physically since if they are both 754's it may fit. however you need to consider if the chassis and heatpipe can effectively cool down a desktop cpu as well as if the bios will support it. honestly I'd not even bother not when newer faster dual core laptops are dirt cheap down to $500 in some cases.

    just my personal thoughts
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