Sony VAIO Hard disk replacement

First of all, hello, I'm new to the forum.

Secondly, the problem that's brought me here!

I'm currently helping someone with some computer problems that they've been having and I've got stuck on replacing a laptop hard disk.

I've done it before, except it was a simple slide out and replace, no screws involved.

The laptop in question is a Sony VAIO PCG-8Q7M.

I have purchased a similar hard disk which is ready to be installed, just thought I'd ask others before doing so. What exactly am I looking to take off? I realise where the battery is etc but not quite sure on the hard disk for this machine?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. changing a laptops hard disk is no big deal.

    i am a vaio user and ive done this procedure twice.

    on the back of the laptop there are two covers which can be opened easily(only one screw) and it will be apparent
    that they are meant for upgradable parts(only ram and hard disk of vaio can be upgdraded)

    try and open both of them one will be for ram and other will be hard disk drive.

    for removing hdd completely ul have to open 3-4 more screws. open them carefully and slide the harddisk a little bit back and
    take it off.

    then replace the hard disk..

    im sure ul be able to accomplish this very easily. be careful though
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