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I am a DJ and working with Virtual DJ program. I have been told that a small form factor is best because most laptops cant cut it. The recommended requirements are a 2.0 processor duo core, 2 gigs of memory, and at least 512 dedicated video card with dual output. I have seen several laptops with these specs on newegg. I definetely would apreciate any suggestions. They said a laptop that is good for gaming would be good for this program.
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  1. Yeah, and if they only need a core duo and not core2duo, you should be fine with a whole bunch of multimedia laptops, not even a need for a gaming laptop.

    What's your price range, size preference (ie 12,14,15,17"), and mfr pref?

    A solid option the HP DV6700 and V6700 series (Vista or XP) , which gives you a T7250 for cheap, and should be more than enough power.

    Did anyone tell you why you need 512MB for graphics? Doesn't make much sense, and not sure if HyperMemory/Turbocache would meet that need.
    Dual output's a little tougher but many come with HDMI and VGA, which give you the optio to convert to DVI from HDMI and thus run dual outputs (or did they just mean dual screen, since one output plus the laptops intergrated LCD would fulfil that).

    Anywhoo, there's likely alot of laptops out thef ro under $1,000 that would fit the bill.
  2. Check out the Dell outlet. Don't forget to do a coupon search. There business laptops come standard with a 3yr warranty.
  3. the actual recomendations from the site are:

    Dual Core 2 GhZ CPU
    dual output ATI or nVidia video card with 1Gb of on-board memory (no integrated laptop videocard)
    2048 MB RAM

    The reason for a good graphics card is it is very graphic intensive with alot of video transitions and effects. i am including a link to a screen shot of what all goes on. The very bottom pic is using video which is what I want. The small video box will be outputed to either a TV or projector in a very large size for people to view which is where the graphic demand comes from.

    I just ran across a post for the Gateway P 6831 which is around $1250 and has very nice specs. I have to admit I really didnt want to spend that much but... I know I could build a good machine with monitor for around $700 but with all the other equipment i have to carry really wouldnt mind spending a little more for a laptop! Are laptops video cards upgradable? I didnt think they were.
  4. IMO, get a shuttle SFF case, easy to carry and easily upgradeable.

    For a laptop it's gonna be tough to meet those specs.

    P6831 is a solid rig, and I don't think you're going to be doing majorly better than that. If you're fine with 17" then it's a good option.
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