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I picked up a Santa Cruz Voyetra and installed it, no problem everything works fine except! I have some old DOS games I like to play so I clicked on the dos sound emulater and all hell broke out. First, windows says new device found loading drivers. Second, windows restarts and freezes. Third, I can see that something was written to autoexec.bat says turtle beach ect. Fourth, I have to reboot and get sent to safe mode. There I have to take out all the drivers for the sound card and go into msconfig and remove the line in autoexec.bat. Reboot again and reinstall nVidia drivers fix all my display modes and some font sizes. Then reinstall sound drivers, any ideas?? I did e-mail Turtle Beach no reply.

Gary Hendricks
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  1. It's probably an IRQ issue. Try setting your BIOS to reserve IRQ5, then after loading the driver change the line in Autoexec.bat to read "I5".

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