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I tried several varied searches to no result....So....

I have a 3 year old Toshiba A105 notebook. No problems untill...Failed to boot.

1. No power LED when plugged in.
2. No noises or lights when power button is pushed.
3. Only a slight (Very very faint) clicking only when plugged in when ear is touching case near power plug. A constant rythmic tic-tic-tic-

4. Does same with battery in or out.

Otherwise, nothing as in inert-dead-no response to power button.

One TS guide suggested a cracked power input lead at the back of the power socket. I opened it up and everything looks OK.

Thank you all for any ideas. MIZ
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  1. there could be any number of issues there. first a friend motherboard. perhaps the guide was right and your power supply leads have cracked or more likely the ps jack has become desoldered from the motherboard. lastly I would say maybe the actual charging circuit has bit the dust.
  2. A friend of mine has the exact same symptoms on his laptop. I've checked the output of the power unit and confirmed voltage through the connector on the back to the motherboard. I was wondering what fixed yours. Also, does anyone know if the charging circuitry can be replaced separately or is it part of the motherboard. thx.
  3. With no power, we generally suspect th power jack, however, there's other SMC's that could cause the symptoms. In my opinion, after rulling out the DC Jack as the culprit, it is not worth the painstaking task of troubleshooting a laptop board, provided you have elimitnated all other components, e.g. remove the board and try again. If the baord disconnected of all connectors and components does not power on consider it dead.
  4. I am helping a buddy with a A105-S2716. The external jack and battery charging blue LEDs come on, but the main power LED does not, nor HDD or any other lights.

    There is no fan activity either.

    Seems it could be a short-circuited or otherwise ruined motherboard. We unfortunately do not have an extra power brick to test that part of it.

    Took the laptop partially apart and removed the power button cover and are pressing the actuator manually, this did not help either.
  5. I have quite a stack of A105 boards showing this symptom, so for me it is worthwhile to find out what's causing it and how to fix it. If anyone can offer any insight, I would appreciate it. I have a known good adapter, jack dongle, and power button board. From there, the power does indeed enter the board past the socket. The fuses appear to be functional.

    On one motherboard, there is a tick...tick...tick sound with still no other activity. I noticed that most of these A105 boards have very very poor solder joints, solder balls, pools of flux, solder peaks sticking up, etc. I didn't see any obviously crossed or dry solder joints, but I suspect that's a large amount of the reason behind all these board failures.

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