How do i know what power adapter works with my laptop?

I have a really old Toshiba Satellite A30 laptop and i want to buy another power adapter that will work in the car. I have see lots of them but i dont know if its compatible with mine. My current adapter has a 19W output and this works fine, so if i find another with the same output does that mean it should work too?
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  1. Might be cheaper just to buy a converter and plug in your existing adapter to into it.
  2. What is a converter? Does this work in the car in the cigarette lighter?
  3. But how do i know which one to buy? This is just same problem with knowing which adapter to buy. And how do i know which will work in car? Because the only reason i want it is so i can use it in car.
  4. You say that the output wattage of your converter for your laptop is 19W. The converter I posted has a maximum wattage rating of 75W. Thus meaning that it will run with no problem. (Not with this specific one, but in the past I have even hooked up a TV and XBOX to one of these).
    With these adapters, all you do is plug them into your cigarette lighter (12v outlet.). This will then convert the power from Direct Current(Car) to Alternating Current (like in your home). The front face of the converter will have either one or two outlets that look exactly what comes out of the wall in your home. Just plug in your adapter into the converter and "viola"! You have power.
  5. Enginerd
    Good eplaination - One minor correction - outlet is between 13.6 and about 14 VDC (Called 12 but really about 13.6 - output from alternator)

    In many cases you can plug a computer directly into the lighter.
    ie My old compac battery was 14.8 Volts same as my New toshiba and both came with a plug in adaptor (May have a mini fuse in it).

    NOTE - Voltage, in this case is more important than power. The power rating on the Bricks (and/or current rating) identfies the point at which the brick will overheat and E out will start to decrease.
  6. Exactly, examine your brick, there will be a listing for Output, and it will give you a value for volts and amps. Multiply those together to see how much wattage your using. If you purchase a different adapter, you will need to get one that matches the voltage and equals or exceeds the amperage.
  7. I live in the UK and i found these:

    Can you recommend any of them for what i need?
  8. The Belkin at £17.64 will do fine.

  9. B-Unit
    I don't think he is looking for a replacement "BricK" OP correct me If I'm wrong. I think he wants to use in car and looking to plug into cig Lighter.

    Power / current is not a question then, as you can probably draw up to 15 to 20 Amps - BUT current will only be what the computer needs. Look at battery, if it is a 14 V, then I think your ok - select one with a fuse
  10. I dont know exactly what i need really. I already have a power adapter that works by plugging it into walls. I would like something to power and charge my laptop in a car and aeroplane too basically.
  11. This one meets all of your needs.
    Just use the instructions as before and you should be fine.
  12. I see a Belkin AC Anywhere 140W DC/AC Power Inverter


    Belkin AC Anywhere 300W DC/AC Power Inverter - Portable

    Which would be better to get? Is the only different the W on them? If its higher would it be better?
  13. 140W is plenty for laptop!

  14. Ok i will buy this for my car but what about for the plane? Do any planes have a socket to put anything in? What could i use to power my laptop in the plane and how would i know if its compatible?
  15. No on a plane you pretty much have to rely on battery power. No sockets.
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