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Startup Problem

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June 25, 2004 5:42:32 PM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)


I'm using an MN 820 kit consisting of a MN-700 Base Station and MN-720
Notebook Adapter to connect to my DSL cable modem. Both my desktop and
notebook PCs are running XP Home. Base station connects to my
desktop via Ethernet cable.

Problem I'm having is when I startup at the beginning of the day and turn
everything on, in order to connect to the internet I have to use the
Broadband Utility to "release" and "renew" before I'm able to connect. The
Utility shows that I'm connected even though I'm not.

After "release" and "renew", everything is OK for the remainder of the day.
I've spoken with my cable provider tech support and they blame it on the
router (base station) or my firewall. I've turned off Zone Alarm Pro but
still have the same problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
(My E-Mail address is spoofed so please respond here.)

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