WDC 2500 SATA Drive Broke Off - I Need Help!

My six month old WDC WD2500 250 Gigabyte SATA Disk Drive's SATA interface connector broke off this past weekend.

The seven copper pins are still intact in the back of the Disk Drive, but the plastic piece that was part of the SATA Copper Seven Pin Connector's Housing Assembly fell off and became embeded in the SATA Cable Connector's End.

I have around 150 Gigabytes of Systems Program Applications and Data of which I had backed up around 50 Gigabytes of the most important Data.

I really need to recover most of the 150 Gigabytes.

I know the the Disk Drive is still fully intact, and I only need to replace the SATA Copper Pin Interface which is connected to the Circuit Board that is underneath the Disk Drive.

I called Western Digital and even though the Disk Drive is still under the Hardware Manufacturers Warranty, they only will replace the entire Disk Drive and not just replace the SATA Connector Interface Part.

I spoke to two of the Western Digital's Custmer Service Department's Technical Representatives, one being a Supervisor but they will only replace the entire Disk Drive.

I told them that I really need to just have the SATA Interface replaced so I can gain access to the Disk Drive, but they will not help me out.

I offered Western Digital extra money so they can just replace the SATA Copper Pin Interface Housing Assembly, but they refused.

I also called two of Western Digital's authorized Disk Drive Data Recovery Companys such as OnTrack, but they wanted a minumun of $ 800 just to look at the Disk Drive.

All I need is to have the Disk Drive's SATA Copper Pin Connector Housing Assembly replaced.

Does anyone know who I can contact, so I can get the Disk Drive's SATA Connector Housing Assembly replaced?

I am willing to pay money for this procedure, but $ 800 is way too much.

Thank You.


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  1. Can you not plug the SATA cable in at all? A pic of the damaged part might be helpfull if you have one. Is there no way you could attach the cable, just so you could get your data back and then RMA the drive? Maybe by opening the SATA cable and soldering the correct wires to the correct pins (u say they are still intact?)?

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  2. Superglue? Worked for the HSF restrainer on my IS7 mobo.

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