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June 8, 2010 2:48:01 AM

Hello this is my first time posting here on toms hardware so if this question has been asked already im sorry.
Reccently ive aquried two laptops for free from my dads works and they need some upgrading.
I want to build a custom case out of plexiglass but found it to rather exspensive being that a 12'' by 12'' is 20$.
Is there any other way to build a custom ;laptop case? such as a website or cheap plexiglass dealer?
a second question i have is when i do build the laptop, would it be possible to add in a desktop graphics card like the GTX 480?

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June 8, 2010 9:06:41 PM

Note, I am not from Europe, but all the sites that offer it are from there, they will ship worldwide i believe but it still will cost more than a new laptop
June 8, 2010 9:09:47 PM

not sure about the first question, but the second one depends on the laptop.
Do you have a dedicated graphics card?

.....If yes......Then yes, you probably can as long as its MXM (PCIE 2.0 Mobile) [NOT AGP]. Although it's possible, the new graphics card will cost you a fortune(around 500 Euro for a 4650 Radeon) if it you need a very high end one, i.e. ATI 5870M. The newer cards, and even older ones tend to be sold higher than a new laptop

.....If No/ has integrated.....then no, the laptop may have a slot (1% chance it will). If it does, there probably is no fan to cool it off, so it will overheat and fail. and a MINIPCI slot is not for graphics and will not

OR......You can buy a ViDock (around 300$)....but the highest it goes is ATI 4670...