Toshiba P105 Upgradable GPU?

So, I was reading online that the P105 S6xxx lines all have a toshiba specific graphics interface slot. The S6722 or something is the same laptop case, but it has a 7900 GS. So, would it be possible to upgrade my Toshiba P105 S6177 to a external gpu instead of the current GMA 950?
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  1. What do you mean external gpu? You mean like a discrete graphics card, or an actual graphics card housing that's attached to your laptop via some port? (If I remember correctly, ATI was working on something like this...)
  2. No, like a GPU that is internally attached from the motherboard. So, I would mean a discrete card. I think it was actually ASUS that was working on the XG Station, which enabled graphics from an external housing through the Express Card 54 port.
  3. Hm...if it has the same probably has the same motherboard and would then have an open slot for the graphics card...problem there would be trying to find a 7900GS that's been salvaged from a S6722 so that the slot would match, because laptop companies are notorious for making their own version of "standardized" slots.
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