Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 Sound Problems


Please can anybody help me-I have just installed my new webcam but the software it uses has caused a crackling sound to start in my existing headphones which wasn't there before and stops again if I uninstall the software!
The logitech website is completely useless, has anyone else had this problem?
Does anyone know how to fix it?
All my drivers are up to date, as is the logitech software. I am running windows Xp.
The crackling stops when there is no sound and gets louder as the sound gets louder.
Any ideas gratefully recieved!
Thanks :wink:
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  1. I've have a problem with sound too after installing a QuickCam Pro 5000

    XP Pro 2002 SP1
    Pentium 4 2.00Ghz
    1GB RAM
    Creative Soundblaster Live!
    NVIDIA GeForce MX420

    Installed Logitech QuickCam, sound is distorted/transformed into a loud crackling noise (intermittent) comes out of my external speakers (Sony SRS-Z500PC). Anything from the sound of a mouse click to playing an mp3 is affected

    Any help would be appreciated

    Are you running the same soundcard as me by any chance meanfluff?
  2. I have an in-built soundcard on my motherboard. It's a CMI8738.
    It's nice to know I am not alone with my problem!! Have you had any luck on the Logitech website? I cant get it to let me ask a specific question or find any way to contact them other than a phone number, which I don't want to use cos I'm guessing it's expensive!!
  3. I found a way to fix this. If you disable the onboard microphone that the Logitech QuickCam Pro has, I found that the crackling sound goes away.
  4. Brilliant-that's worked for me too!
    Thanks very much :D
  5. I have the same problem - can you pls tell me how to disable the onboard micophone.

    Many thanks
  6. go to the control panel and choose "performance and maintenance", then select "system", then "hardware" then "device manager" then right-click on the logitech microphone and choose "disable". That should do it!
  7. Try obtaining new sound card drivers from the hardware vender. I had this problem and fixed it by installing the most up to date sound card driver from creative. By the way, my sound card is a sound blaster live value. Disabling the webcam microphone worked too but then you can't use the microphone on the webcam.
  8. Hi,

    I just bought one - Logitech Quickcam pro 5000 - last week and I am having audio problems. Just curious, did you fix your problems?

    And agree, the forum is useless. Amazin a company like that gets away which such poor support.
  9. Hi!
    Just to say that yes I did manage to resolve the problem. The first time I did it by disabling the logitech microphone, however, I have recently reinstalled Windows, and since then my webcam has worked fine! I have installed a stripped-down version of XP without media player though, so this might not work for everybody!
    Good luck!
  10. Hi,

    Well good to know you fix your problems. A couple of questions for mine and everyone's benefit.

    What Kind of mike do you use? separate mike? or a headset? USB or regular connectors? if USB do you connect it to a HUB or to your PC?

    I use an Altec Lansen Headset ($40) with regular connectors into a USB adapter, so I can connect it to a USB port.


    We have to help each other.


    ====== form a post I published in Googles gropus ==========
    Hi everyone,

    I have always benefited form forums like this so I will give back.
    Bought the same camera about a week ago. Nice camera. The video has
    always been fine. It's the audio that causes problems. First, my clips
    were "accelerated." a 20 second clip would playback in 5 seconds!
    (weird, voice distorted). Solution? Uninstalled and re-installed the
    whole thing, rebooted and now videos play normal lenght... BUT a "hmmm (noise)" in the background remained... Solution, after lots of trial and error, found out some devices do not work well on USB HUBS!...
    moved my usb headset to one of my motherboard's USB ports... voila!
    video ok, audio ok, no noise.

    Moved back my heaset (speakers and mic) from the PC to the HUB!...made a video, same problem again: accelerated videos, funny voice. So BEWARE of USB ports... that is my conclusion. Funny little noises in the background can be cured simply by unplugging and plugging back the usb connector and of course, reboot...reboot.. reboot. Good luck
  11. I have the same problem. If somebody has found a solution I'd be also glad if you could share it.
  12. I got my 5000 a few days ago horrible crackling when I used it, and even when I didn't use it. Re-installed several times no luck.

    I found a solution to the problem. Make sure you have the cam installed and connected and go to the windows update site it will automatically install the drivers for you. When done it will still make the horrible noise until you reboot and then its perfect! :)
  13. My problem is different - I can see and hear my daughter but she can only hear me but with an echo and she cannot see me. i use norton 360 security and have a Linksys router. i have been told that the configuration of the webcom is wrong, but i do not know how to fix it - any ideas -
  14. I have a very similar problem. When engaging in a video chat, either through MSN or Skype People can see and hear me, I can see them, but not hear them. I'm pretty sure my sound card works as I can play music through it before I engage in the video chat. Interestingly no sound will play from any app after I start a video chat. If I start an audio only chat, I can both send and receive audio, but again this has to be done before the screwed up a/v chat.
    Sometimes like RISTATEJAP, my visual feed will go dead as well. It's pretty much a toss up as to whether video or audio will die. The guaranteed error message that comes up is "USB controller bandwidth exceeded" Curious thing is the camera/mic combo is the only device I have on the USB port physically (USB 2.0 btw). Bringing up the viewer will show me that the LogitechQuickcam is the only device on Before I start a convo. After, it switches and a couple of "USB composite devices" show up.
    Needless to say this is getting on my nerves....
    Or if you have drivers for the camera for linux I'll take those as well :D
  15. Apparently my computer runs its built in sound ports through the motherboard's USB. I'll be getting a new sound card soon, and we'll see if this helps any.
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