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I have purchased 2 MP3 players from 2 different sellers on Ebay. However they look like they are from the same "company". No Name!!!!

I'm able to upload songs that have been downloaded onto my computer from a CD. I am however unable to upload songs that I downloaded from Napster. They are both WMA files. So I am totally confused. Both MP3 players say that there is a Format Error. These were made in China, (I believe). One of them did come with a "User Manual". It does call this MP3 an IP 836AR. Not that that would mean anything to me, I am hoping it will mean something to someone.

I don't know what else to say????????
HELP PLEASE! My kids won't leave my room until I get this done. And 5 kids in one room is a little tight if you know what I mean.

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  1. i aint an expert but when it says WMA it can mean constant bitrate or variable bitrate. check which one if you can. my brother had a similar problem with his mobile phone. he got a song through a peer to peer program and it wouldnt work same as yours. not sure if the type of WMA was the problem or if the originl sender of the song has used an audio conversion program thta had altered it slightly.

    try converting the track into a different format such as MP3. a good converter thats free is something called cheetah converter. if you have a creative soundcard you might have got the creative audio converter with it and it is good also.

    hope this helps and if not either A. get a decent player from creative or B. don't bother with that downloaded crap.
  2. i purchased the same one from ebay.. it says made in china.. there is no name, i can upload songs, charge it.. but it won't power on :( , do you know how to turn it on. e-mail me please
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