Windows 7 Downgrade ?

Can you upgrade Windows 7 RC Ultimate to windows Full Home ? if you can how ??
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  1. I don't believe that is an acceptable path - I think that you would have to stay with the same version.
  2. I do not think you can just upgrade the RC. I ran it as long as I could and just installed the retail version last week. I did a clean install.
  3. I don't think Release Candidate can be upgraded, as for what I know the EULA states the software has an expire date and that is for evaluation only, so you would need a license for a full final version, and a clean install would be in any case recommended.
  4. Yes you can upgrade RC1 to the release version. What you cannot do is upgrade Windows 7 Ultimate (which RC1 is) to Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional.

    If you google on it you will find procedures (several different ones) for updating Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 to Windows 7 Ultimate release. it involves copying the iso to your hard drive, changing the build number in the iso, and then burning it to a DVD.
  5. ^+1
  6. Thanks! and yeah i know how to upgrade the RC to Full Windows 7 all you need to do is open the ISO file then go into sources and find a file names cversion and then change the first numer to 7000 and then you you will be able to upgrade windows RC!

    Here is a really good source on how to do just that

  7. I would just do a clean install. The RC and the Betas were not meant to be used as production machines. I never did. I would test various pieces of software out for a couple of hours, or whenever I got new hardware or new software, I'd install them and test them under Windows 7. However, my main work was still being done in Vista until I my copy of Windows 7 came in the mail.

    I would really suggest NOT doing the "upgrade". Do a clean install. I always do because you just never know what stale crap is still lying around. A clean install ensures all stale dlls and such are gone and you are starting from a clean slate.
  8. While you can get around the "RC issue" with the hack you noted, what you cannot do is change the version of the OS from Ultimate to Home Premium. You'll need to do a clean install.
  9. having tried upgrading from Vista to W7, I agree with isamuelson, do a clean install it's faster and then if there are any issues it won't carry them forward, BTW upgading has been known to cause issues, plus it took 8 hours to upgrade from Vista home premium to W7Ultimate on my laptop
  10. 8 HOURS ?????? really ?
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