My PC Restart itself and give me Beeps

My PC just started to act on me yesterday. Well there is 2 problems. 1st. It will restart itself. If I turn it off and start it again. It will give me long beeps. It is not the continuous one, it just go"Beeeep, Beeeep, Beeep, ....."
The beeps does not end. It just keep going. And if I turn it off and turn it back on, it will go to the BIOS (CMOS).
Do you guys think is the power supply or the memory. I don't have neither one at home to test. So, I would like to have an accurate answer before I go buy anything. Thanks.
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  1. look in your motherboard manual.
    These beep are for troubleshooting purpose. They will tell you exactly what those beep mean and youll be able to move forward from there.
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