2200-2500~ Laptop with these specs...

Hey, I've been looking around for several hours now.. from newegg... to alienware... to sony.. to dell.. to tigerdirect.. to some private people.. and can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Each web site has something the other doesn't have, but never the same thing. Annnnnnd I don't want to go through the process of building my own laptop, sadly. Desktops are as far as I go for now!

But, I'm looking for some help to find me a computer with these specs...

at least 2.0ghz c2duo processor
dual 8700's or around that.. I'm looking for sli cards in particular.. but nothing below the 8700s
vista home premium 64 bit
160GB 7200RPM HD
17 inch widescreen LCD, reso doesn't really matter if its 1440 or 1680 or 1920..

That's basically it, can work around it from there.

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  1. Get a Sager NP 5793. It can be configured with everything you want, except with a single 8800mGTX (which will kill SLI 8700GTs anyway while consumer less power). You can usually get it cheapest from www.xoticpc.com.
  2. Is SLI a must? Because you can get one 8800 GTS/GTX that will either meet or beat two 8700s in SLI?

    Also are you sure about 64bit Vista?
  3. The 64 bit Vista is a must for that 4 gig ram
  4. Not necessarily, 32bit can utilize most of the 4 gigs. Also 64bit has compatibility issues that some people do not want to deal with right now.
  5. yeah agreed^^^ 64bit isnt a must unless u use more than 4GB
    Because for example XP 32 realizes 3.5GB of 4GB RAM. i had XP64 and due to some compatibility ussues that Enginerd said i switched back to XP 32 and i didnt see a single performance loss

    also for that money definitely go for SAGER NP5793 its the best laptop for that $
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