Save it, Sell it, or Scrap it?

Last year my beloved 8 year old decided my Acer Aspire 3000 was thirsty, so she poured a cup of apple juice in the keyboard while I wasn't looking. Needless to say, it died. I took it apart, rinsed the mainboard with distilled water and put the unit in a large ziploc with a bunch of those dessecant thingies you find in all kinds of products to absorb the moisture.
Fast forward to a few months ago. Unfortunately, the system was still dead. So I called up Acer and bought a new mainboard. Yet even after replacing it, nothing has changed. The charge light comes on, but when I push the power button, nothing happens. I even tried powering up the board sans EVERYTHING... I took out the memory, cpu, wifi,...basically just the board. STILL nothing. Am I missing something here? Or should I just give up?
Should I continue to try to repair it? Should I sell it for whatever I can get? Or should I just File-13 the whole thing?
Any help you could give would be appreciated!
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  1. if you've done everything you're saying it's not worth sinking more money into it. just trash it and buy new and for the love of everything holy make sure your kid can't reach it this time
  2. I messed with it a little more tonight and I found some sticky residue I forgot to clean up on one of the little metallic pads that looks like microscopic chain mail. Cleaned it up, made a few primary connections, and hit the power. The power light lit up for about 3 seconds and went off. Does this consistently. Then I put the CPU back on it and it went back to the old behavior, where the power light only comes on for about half a second. I can get a new CPU (Sempron mobile 3000) for about $20.00. If THAT still doesn't fix it, I'm gonna part it out to ebay (Although I'd love to find a way of sending video signals through the cable directly to the lcd, then I could make my own projection system!)
    And with my new system, I have a standing order: no liquids within a 10 foot radius of my laptop!
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