Computer wont start up. Works on Safe Mode.

My computer does not go past the "starting windows" logo on my computer. When it does the cursor just stays there loading. On top of that im not even able to do a system restore because of some type of error. Everything works fine on Safe Mode, and I really dont think its a virus. Im desperate, help ?
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  1. Try downloading a bootable scan disk to check for virus/malware.
  2. What is the history?

    Was it working properly? Have installed a new software/hardware recently?

    It also helps if you post your entire rig.
  3. Boot into safe mode and try Clean Startup method to find which service is causing probs.
  4. Boot with your Windows CD and try windows start up repair.

    Additionally you could go to safe mode then use msconfig and use diagnostics mode and reboot to see if anything loading is causing the issue, then go to msconfig if it boots up normally and enable stuff and see if it does it again.
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