Computer only doesnt work in the.morning

I'm on my phone so.sorry for mispelllings.

Two days ago my monitor wouldnt turn on. After waiting long enough, the backlight would come on. I then got up and unplugged and replugged the monitor from the electrical outlet. The screen would finally display and I could turn it off and on without ptoblem

one day ago I tried turning the monitor on but h ad the same problem. I tr ried turning the computer on. The lights flashed and the fans flickered'. I tried turning it on again but it was dead. I flipped the power supply switch on and off and turned the computer on this time. To fix the monitor I did rxactly as I did the day before.

Today I came home and had the same problem. This time, I had to flip the power supply switch twice before it would work. The monitor is conpletely dead... The compufer turns off and then on now without issue, no display of course. The problem with both the monitor and pc seems to only occur after 10 hours of being off. Once it was working there was no problem until I had to boot up in the morning again. It could be turned on and off multiple times once it would turn on properly just once . I think the moniyor is just broken, but what is wrong with the computer? Power supply issue? Could the two be related? Thank you. =(
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  1. First, plug them into a different outlet.
    It's probably the power supply in both but could me the monitor. Try a good monitor with the computer, if it does the same thing, try a new power supply.
  2. maybe it needs java cuz its sleepy

    is it plugged into an outlet controlled by a light switch, it must be somthing dumb like that.
  3. Hey guys, I have an old CRT monitor working in the top outlet. Monitor is completely dead now, can't get anything. I'm gonna take it to a local repairman. Hopefully he can fix it...

    I still have the issue with the computer only starting after I flip the power supply switch. I don't have anything I could switch it out with though.
  4. I tested the power supply using the paper clip jump start method. It works fine. ='l

    I guess that means it is the motherboard? Clarification of issue, I need to flip the power supply switch in order for the computer to boot. If I don't do that the fans twitch and lights flash, but that's it. Once the computer works after I flip the switch, it restarts fine or shuts down and turns back on once I push the power button again fine.
  5. I don't know what using a paperclip would test on a power supply aside from the fact that it gives power. Not that it's stable. It's like licking a car engine to check your cylinders for leaks. If it does not taste like gas it's OK?

    Could be the power supply or motherboard. You can check the motherboard for any broken capacitors, they'd have puffy tops or black leakage out of them.
  6. Thanks and sorry for the late reply. I sent the power supply in for RMA. Hopefully they find something. We bought a new monitor. As for capacitors, I saw some that were angled but no leaks or blown tops/bottoms.

    I really liked that analogy too, hehe.
  7. Hey everyone. The power supply came back finally. They fixed 3 bad capacitors and everything works fine now. I'm debating whether or not I should try and get the old monitor fixed right now. I may just hold onto it.

    Thanks for the replies and help.
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