Laptop for returning to school? suggestions.

so after reading the latest article regarding Acer and all the bashing that followed, i was wondering, what laptop company amongst Tom's readers is regarded as the best company to purchase from? Personally speaking, i have owned a dell 1500 insperion and a hp dv6500, both systems have been nothing but solid performers. So then why all this hate towards hp? i'm consider buying another hp before i go back to school. i have considered one of hp's newer dv6's quad editions or possibly getting an envy 15. i has also considered dells xps 16 system, however , i will not touch the adamo simply because the thing is freak'n ugly. oh, by the way, i'm going back to school for architecture. so i need something that is powerful both cpu and gpu wise. any suggestions?
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  1. You'll see a lot of different opinions on laptops due to reliability issues and personal preference. For example, I've had bad luck with HP laptops, but others have had nothing but good luck.

    Here is a study done on such a matter:

    In regard to selecting a laptop, I don't think that you can go wrong with getting a Dell. However, if the HP is the better deal and gives you the performance that you want, go for it. Just be sure to get an extended warranty on it.
  2. Thanks for the info. But i was wondering if anyone here on toms had any personal experiences with some some of the systems that i am looking at. i would like to know what sort of problems people are experiencing with these systems, if any.
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