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Someone stepped on my laptop today and there is now some major cracks in the screen. I called hp to see how much it would cost to replace the screen and they said $698. This is not really an option since i only paid $600 for the laptop.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get a hold of a cheaper screen? Also, does anyone sell laptop cases/parts? and is it practical to try to rebuild a laptop in a new case? All of the parts in the laptop are in fine working order and I dont want them to go to waste, after all the laptop is only 4 months old. Or am i pretty much out of luck.
Thanks for any help, this is a very frustrating experience and i wish i would have spent the $250 on accidental protection.
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  1. you could hunt around on the web there are lots of places that stock LCD's for various models of laptop. if only paid $600 I'd suggest putting no more than $400 into it if it's any more than that you might as well buy new. at least if you buy new you could salvage the ram you have now for an upgrade or sell to upgrade the other one as well as salvaging your hard drive and making it external storage for your new one
  2. Dear User,

    It would only cost 100.00 to replace your screen. I suggest using Ultimate Technology. I am the company CEO and Owner.

    You can contact us at
    Phone: 405-806-0037

    We accept clients nation wide by mail and we should have it fixed in a week.
    We have 20.00 installation fee and 100.00 screens
  3. Since you laptop is in the $600 range, the screen is likely to be 768p so it will be cheap (around $100 or less). What is more difficult to find is the chassis/cover for the screen (I assume it is also broken). Can you upload a picture on the degree of damage so we can see if it is worth fixing.
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