Asus M51Sn-B1???

I was in the market for a laptop for e-mail, net, work and other personal stuff while on the road but all laptop like Dell, Gateway, HP can cost up to $1000 after the options are added to it...I figure...why not get a laptop for the same price that can game if I needed too...since they cost about the same, anyhow...Is the Asus M51Sn-B1 the best bang for the bucks? Anyone know where I can find it at for cheaper that $1100 shipped?

Any information about this laptop would be greatly appreciated. I'm open for suggestions on a laptop as well.
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  1. ASUS M51Sn is a very good laptop and has a very reasonable price and here is a review of it:
  2. i doubt about it's battery life , i think it's about 2.30 hours .. max
  3. How many hours is good for a laptop on a 6 cell battery?
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