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I want to connect two PCs running Windows XP using GSM phones as modems. I do not want to use GPRS. That is, i want to make a data call between them. I created a dialup connection but when i try to connect the dialup connection, it immediately hangs up and displays an error message that the modem on the other computer is out of order. But actually it does not dial any number from the phone. Everything is installed properly. The modem driver is also installed. And if a dial *99# it successfully connects to the internet through GPRS which shows that the modem is correctly installed. But it is just when i give it any other number other than *99# it does not dial it from the phone and it immediately shows the error message only within a second. How can it know that the modem on the other computer is out of order when it is not even dialing that number? And how can it figure it out in just under one second? This proves that there is something to be done to setup a data call between the PCs using GSM phones.

So please if anybody knows how to connect two PCs using GSM cellphones (preferable Nokia 6303 classic) kindly share it with me.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You can't use cell phones this way, you can make an outbound call to connect to the network, but you can't call into the cell phone to use it just like a modem.

    You can probably cannect both computers using the cell phones to the web and use something like PCAnywere to connect the 2 computers together afterwards.
  2. You can do this with GSM data settings
    for this you need to have GSM settings in your phone als you need to have GSM Data services enabled form your mobile service provider
  3. Plus your phone must support tethering.
    And your mobile service provider must allow tethering.
    Not all service providers allow that.
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