P6860FX or p6831fx upgrade discussion

I recently bought a p6860fx for gamming and work. I thought i would get a constant 60fps at 1440x900 high with AA on company of heroes, but it didnt work out that way.
Is it worth it to upgrade the processor to a t8100 or a t8300 or a t9300 all available of of newegg?
Should i reinstall the os to a 32bit version?
Do you think its worth raid 1 for the hard drive?
But would it really be better with the 32 bit?
im curious if the laptop will support wimax
Would it be easy to upgrade the laptop with a new proc and reinstalling the os
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  1. T8100 is a good CPU its @ 2.1 with 3MB cache i dont think the upgrade to T8300 which is @ 2.4 is worth it
    But T9300 i think its different a bit because it runs @ 2.5 with 6MB cache which makes a difference
  2. I'm getting over 50 fps on my 6860 w/everything on high except shadows in DX9. Frame rate was much worse, <30 in DX10. I guess gateway's DX10 drivers aren't up to snuff yet.
  3. what do i need to do change the processor. Im curious if the 32 bit will offer better performance because i got both with the laptop.
  4. The gateway FX notebook is about the easiest Laptop to upgrade the processor. It is accessible from the back panel
    and takes about 10 minutes or less to swap out. Very easy and worth doing once the prices of the 9300 2.5Ghz cpu
    comes down a bit. 6mb of cache on the cpu will make a difference in performance. There is no huge difference in performance
    from the 32 bit to 64 bit operating system unless there is software specifically written for 64 bits. The biggest difference is that the 64 bit operating system will recognize and use 4gig of memory or more. The 32bit may see 4gig or ram but only can use about 3.3 gigs maximum. I would keep your 64 bit Vista unless you have some old programs that don't run well on it. Otherwise 64 bit should be fine and is not any slower than the 32bit OS. Actually once the software catches up then it will be a lot faster until then it really doesn't make much of a difference.
  5. Do I have to reinstall os and the drivers?
  6. I have my eye on this notebook (p-6860FX gateway) and I will buy it by july 4th if it goes on sale, hopefully.

    I plan on removing the stock (T5550 1.8 Dual core processor) and replacing it with a (T9300 2.5 dual core processor.)

    Can someone give me exact directions/steps on how to remove the the stock one and install the new one.?

    I would like to thank advance all the personnel for the help full information.
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