Mouse partially working, ( system issue, not the mouse itself )

Hey everyone, I hope someone knows what's going on. I started having this issue with my mouse where it's partially working. I noticed this problem yesterday after playing battlefield 3.

An example, I opened up firefox, went to usual websites that I go to all the time, tried to close the window and noticed none of the buttons at the top right corner were not working, even when I moused over them they wouldn't highlight or even acknowledge the mouse. Eventually I figured out how to bypass it, I would have to open another program, minimize the new program, and then I would be able to close firefox. However if I clicked even once inside of the firefox window, lets say to type something, the three buttons up top would stop working again.

- This isn't exclusive to firefox, when I ctrl,alt, delete, even the buttons "start task manager" " log off" wouldn't recognize my mouse unless I clicked one of them one time, then the button would highlight and then I would be able to click on it.

- Just now I went to replay a video on you tube and none of the buttons work on the flash player.

- In the 3d modeling program I use " Autodesk's Maya" , none of the buttons work at all, I can't even move the camera in the view-port.

- I tried restoring the system to a previous date, one before I started to receive the issues and I still have all the same problems :(

I've scanned my system with Malware bytes anti malware and
Avira Antivirus and come up with nothing.

I built my computer, i'm not sure if that makes any difference. I would just love to get rid of this annoying issue
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  1. do a test on your hdd with the maker tool
  2. I'm not familiar with the maker tool, I tried googling it however it's a very generic name so alot of junk came up
  3. are there other usb ports you can try?
  4. tried other usb ports, and with other mice as well, same issue
  5. Does the issue persist in safe mode as well?
  6. ok try pressing ctrl + shift + Num lock (this enables mouse keys).
  7. sorry alt + left shift + numlock
  8. Boju: Tried it, same issue :/

    I'm gonna try it in safe mode right now
    Gime like 5 mins.
  9. oh damn, ok.
  10. the mouse buttons havent been reversed have they? nothing happens clicking right button?

    nevermind, re-read your post and icons arent highlighting :\
  11. this post here was due to mice software.

    Dunno if you installed or not or if when restoring system at a time before the software was installed.
  12. Hmm...I'm not having consistent results, I tried it in safe mode, at first when I opened firefox it wasn't working, but then all of a sudden the problem went away, so I tried some of the other programs I tried earlier however those are still having issues. :/ I have to go down to my taskbar, click an open program, switch back to the one with the issue, and then I can close the program as long as I don't click anything within the program window.
    Sorry if that's a bit confusing :/

    The thing is I've been using the computer for a couple of months now, didn't install any new mice or anything until I started having the issue, since I thought it may have just been a bad mouse.
  13. ya know what.... recently I've been having quite a few error's pop up saying adobe flash blah blah blah has stopped working, though I never noticed any issues when I was watching youtube or any other program that uses flash so I ignored them as ...error error messages..basically a double negative error message lol. however that's probably not the case

    not sure if this has to do with the issue I'm having though
  14. have you installed your motherboard drivers?
  15. Reinstalled the motherboard drivers with the most up to date ones, still nothing :(
  16. hmm might want try registry cleaner or look into fresh installing windows.

    What happens if you disconnect the keyboard?

    If anything else pops into my head i'll let you know.

    Good luck.
  17. Tried the registry cleaner, deleted all the uneeded keys, same issue

    It's looking like I might have to reinstall windows then :/

    I do appreciate all your guy's help in trying to solve my issue :)

    Especially you Boju
  18. Noworries, cheers.

    If you get a chance report back once you've done what you need to do.
  19. use this to see if there is some missing patches on your sofware
  20. ok so I completely reinstalled windows onto my computer. What i found interesting was that when tring to install it I was having some of the same mouse issues, not being abe to check boxes or anything when one of the install windows would pop up. lukily i remembered there are keboard shortcuts to get around that.

    After I installed it, things seemed to be working though I still have to download all m programs. I downloaded firefox and that was working, downloaded maya but it still doesnt work at all, have to go open taskmanager to close maya, taskbar wouldnt work until I ctrl,atl,del and opened the taskmanager , then the taskbar started to work again.

    Is this a hardware issue?
  21. Just tried starting it in safe mode, taskbar wasn't responding, pressed ctrl atl del, the buttons showed that they were working when I clicked on them but did nothing, had to use tab to scroll through them and hit enter to shutdown my comp.
  22. I probably should have done this first, I downloaded the driver for my logiteck mouse.....and now everything seems to be working....siigh, I'm relieved I fixed the problem, but feel stupid at the same time for not trying that sooner since I know get to reinstall all my programs :p Lesson Learned!!
  23. we all learn by error or mistake ,have fun
  24. Its not like any mouse used would need drivers for basic operation, how strange.

    oh well, good for you :)
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