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I'm looking for a new laptop and say that one at Futur Shop for $750cad and wonder if anyone knows about it and has an opinion.

Gateway 14" Intel Core i3 Laptop (ID49C01H) - Silver New!

Gateway Laptop Featuring Intel® Core™ i3-350M Processor
Model: ID49C01h
WebID: 10146659
Price: $749.99
At 2.5cm thin, 5lbs light with 6 hours battery life, this Gateway is the perfect road warrior. Blazing fast graphics with the NVIDIA® GeForce® GT330M 1GB video card.


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  1. Gateway is now owned by Acer -- neither brand has the best rep at the moment.

    Personally I would look at Asus, MSI, Samsung if your budget is tight, though prices on Toshiba, Dell are pretty competitive these days.
  2. Ok, thanks. I just thought it was a good deal considering the components. I will see what i can get for the same price with asus.
  3. Hey man,

    I was also just looking at this laptop to buy for a student.

    As a salesman...I've seen lots of laptops come and go in terms of repairs and problems. As the previous poster said, Acer/Gateway are the same company and have been kind of sketchy in the past.

    However so far for the models after their ugly "lunchbox" series of laptops, I've seen them in terms of percentage of laptops sold have the same amount of problems as HP and Toshiba (to a lesser extent).

    Asus laptops in the ultra-portable category with dedicated graphics and great battery life tend to be very expensive (you're looking at at least $900 CND in sites like However, they are absolutely one of the best laptop makers out there.

    MSI tends to have the same bang for the buck as Gateway, and Samsung's tend to have a little more price premium.

    I can confidently say that this Gateway laptop is the best bang for your buck, because of the nice video card and claimed battery life of 6 hours on their website. Just make sure you keep it propped up so it can have proper air flow when you're gaming with it.

    My 2 cents...make sure you take everyone's advice with a grain of salt.
  4. I've just come from seeing it at futur shop and beleive i will be picking it up. My daughter liked the keyboard. I'm adding the 3 year futur shop service plan. I'm having them prepare it: installing Win 7 home premium(32bit i presume), take of the preinstalled blotware and install office and my daughters sims 3 game. They said they did not know of AVG and suggest a microsoft anti virus whose name i forget.
  5. I've had it for a few days now and have been playing coh and am very satisfied. Freezes for an instant here and there when it begings to get hot in a hot non airconditioned room but i find that easily tolerable.

    The onboard speakers have a very weak sound though but i use a small headset and that's better.


  6. I too have been In the market for a new laptop, I firstly considered an ASUS K52Jr-X2

    15.6" LCD
    i3 350m 2.26GHZ
    4GB of RAM
    Radeon HD 5470 w/ 1GB DDR3 Dedi

    $850CAD (I could do a price check and lower the price to $800)

    Then I saw the ID49C at FS, much more bang for the buck. But Gateway = Acer, and Acer quality < Asus. This time the Gateway actually feels sturdy and well built.

    14"(IMO little diff from 15" and much lighter)
    i3 350m 2.26GHZ
    4GB RAM
    330M w/ 1GB DDR3 dedi

    I do casual CoD MW2, DIRT 2, BC2, LoL, and SCII gaming when released. Casual PS also.

    So what would be the more reasonable choice?
  7. I beleive the ram on the 330 in the gateway is not DDR3. It goes by a different name, i cannot remember of hand.

    So far the gateway has been rock solid with coh but does get quite hot.
  8. Actually i have this laptop, thats what i'm using right now for this message. Its a good laptop, and its RAM is actually DDR3 (4GB) man. Got it at futureshop too, for the same price (749.99 CDN). It gives you more than like a Toshiba for a comparable price. I guess Gateway is one of those companies that make great laptops for great prices (trying to make their way to the top). So I would say go for it. Only thing that I had with mine, is that sometimes, the keyboard changes to French (like typing É instead of ?)....but I might be doing it unconsciously when i type, but you can change it back with the click of the mouse/ touchpad.
    Good if your doing Engineering in Uni, like me, and you need to use CAD/CAM. Overall, pretty good, but you can still look around before coming to a firm decision.


    Just my opinion :D
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